Upcoming Speaking events: Aberdeen and Edinburgh

Yes, that’s in Scotland.



As a family, we’re touring Scotland this July.  My son and I are golfing at some of Scotland’s early golf courses. We’re seeing many of the historical sites around the country.  And yes, we will be in the highlands for a while.

When I mentioned the trip to Mark Rendle during the MVP summit, he put me in touch with Gary Ewan Park, who runs some of the user groups in Scotland.  Gary was kind enough to help setup a couple of talks while we are visiting.  At both locations, I’ll be talking about C# async / await features and how to use them. I’ll be in Aberdeen on Thursday July 4th. And, I’ll be in Glasgow on Saturday morning, July 13th.

Thanks to Gary and Mark for helping to make this happen.  If you are in Scotland, please come and say hello.


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