Bill Blogs in C#

  • Looking ahead, Looking back

    Tags: .Net, C#, me

    I’m a bit late this year, but here are my thoughts on the Software industry as we move into 2015. It’s a great time to be a Developer I’ve said it before: The talent war is over, and the talent won. … more

  • CodeMash 2015 recap

    Tags: CodeMash, me

    I was happy to be invited to this year’s CodeMash to host a codeathon for Humanitarian Toolbox. And, again, we made great progress again. We had close to 20 people come in and help us make progress … more

  • My experience with Hour of Code

    Tags: teaching, me, local interest

    This past Saturday I spent the early afternoon with local high school and middle school students on Hour of Code.  This program is one way to introduce programming and computer science to … more

  • C# 6 Feature Preview: Expression Bodied Members

    Tags: C#, Roslyn

    One of the new features in C# 6 is expression bodied members. This feature enables us to create members (either methods, property get accessors, or get methods for indexers) that are expressions … more

  • 1DevDay Detroit

    Tags: C#, me

    I had the honor of speaking at 1DevDay Detroit this past weekend. My talk was a tour of some of the new features in C# 6.  The slides are located here. The samples are on Github. If you look at … more

  • Microsoft Connect Announcements

    Tags: C#, OpenSource, .Net

    Today, November 12th, Microsoft made some major announcements about the .NET Ecosystem. I’m going to concentrate on four points: Open Source, Cross Platform, Deployment, and Community Involvement. … more

  • QuickPost: Link to a new TypeScript article

    Just a quick post today.  An article I recently wrote for InformIT on using TypeScript has gone live.  You can check it out here The article abstract follows: TypeScript promises to make … more