Bill Blogs in C#

  • Overview of C# 6 language enhancements

    Tags: C#, Roslyn

    I was interviewed by Carl and Richard on .NET Rocks a bit ago to discuss the new features in C# 6, the upcoming version of C# that will ship with the next version of Visual Studio (link goes to CTP 3, … more

  • ThatConference codeathon recap

    Tags: humanitarianToolbox

    We are back from ThatConference after hosting another successful codeathon. I'm always thrilled to see the participation we get from our friends in the upper midwest. A couple dozen developers gave … more

  • Self.Conference recap

    Tags: me, TypeScript, Events

    I was lucky enough to be selected to speak at Self.Conference in Detroit this last week. It was a great inaugural event. A big thank you goes out to Amber Conville and Erika Carlson for organizing it. … more

  • Teaching ASP.NET MVC at Grand Circus

    Tags: training, C#, .Net

    I am happy that I’m working with Grand Circus in Detroit on public classes.

    I’ve been concentrating on teaching developers at a single company, usually at their site. This misses an … more

  • Community Involvement and Roslyn

    Tags: Roslyn, C#, OpenSource

    By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the big news: There’s a new public preview of the Roslyn C# and VB.NET Compilers.  And, even bigger news: The Roslyn Compilers are Open Source. This is an important … more

  • My thoughts on build

    Tags: C#, Roslyn, TypeScript, Azure, Windows 8

    Let’s start with the biggest story: A public Roslyn Preview that’s Open Source. The next versions of C# and VB.NET have progressed far enough that you now have a new public preview. The Roslyn … more